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Event management

Is your Corporate Golf Day giving you a headache?

Is your secretary helping you to run your business or floundering in golf organisation and etiquette?

Corporate Golf days with JR Events

Has the golf course been booked?
How many holes are we playing?
Have the golf balls been ordered?
Where can I purchase the prizes? Will they be delivered on time and have they been engraved?
Have the invites been printed and posted?

If these are some of the questions you’re asking yourself, then you need to consider using the services of a professional corporate golf day organiser.

At JR Events we specialise in organising and running corporate golf days and have over 20 years experience. Basically, all you have to do is provide us with a list of the clients you wish to invite and then leave the rest to us. We then simply ask to you turn up on the day and concentrate on your golf knowing that we are in control.

By using a professional organisation does of course increase the cost of your event but realistically saves you money by letting your secretary get on with assisting you to run the business thus increasing sales.

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